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March 2, 2021

S2 E13: Ten Tips to Manage Pandemic Stress & Anxiety

S2 E13: Ten Tips to Manage Pandemic Stress & Anxiety

March 2021 is Wellness Month here at Belle, Book & Candle and I've got some amazing guests through the month, but to start us off, I'm going to give you 10 tips for managing your stress and anxiety especially during this coronavirus pandemic. Y'all come on in, let's take a little pause, breathe, and perhaps you'll find a tip that resonates with you!

If you're interested in the group hypnosis videos I've started to post, you can find those on my 3 Rays of Light Youtube channel.

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My dad wrote the lyrics to my theme song, and we sing it together at the beginning.
Thanks to my husband for his contributions.

A Book of Pagan Prayer by Ceisiwr Serith
A Mindful Evening by David Dillard-Wright, PhD
CDC Website

Original Broadcast: 3.2.21