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Peaceful Host

I felt nothing but peace the moment I started speaking with Mela. She has a beautiful and peaceful way about her. She is a light in this world and I’m thankful for podcast & the space she provides.


I just love Mela's podcast: its warm conversational style with wise and engaging guests, and this wonderful, deeply relaxing background music…. I feel like sitting with friends by the fireplace engaged in an intelligent, meaningful yet with humour conversation about life and things that matter over a glass of wine…Truly exceptional. Thank you Mela for creating it for us. Much love from Australia ♥♥♥

Great, peaceful

I appreciate the authenticity and candor that is present in each and every episode. Listening is like sitting by a favorite bubbling brook - one that is lively yet peaceful, one that can soothe the soul while also serving to entertain. I love it!

Like a cold glass of ice tea...

I know I might be a little biased as I can relate to a lot that is being said here due to my southern background, but it does feel very good to know that what I feel and experience and am experiencing on my path, that I am not alone. I cannot wait to travel with you through this podcast. Thank you.