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Philip Anthony Mangan

The Wellness Wingman

Philip Anthony Mangan, a.k.a. The Wellness Wingman, helps overwhelmed women lose weight & regain control through daily personalized support. Philip is a model, commercial actor, an environmental activist, and a Certified Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist. He is the founder of a holistic health and wellness coaching business that focuses on providing people with the control, clarity, and confidence they need to make lasting changes in their lives. His 3 step method emphasizes that building simple and consistent self-care habits are the key to success by encompassing the practices of; slowing down, quieting the noise, and opening your mind.

Healing & Wellness Southern Dialogue Guests Personal Stories

S4 E9: Doing Life Better - Personal Transformation & Sustainability | A Southern Dialogue with Philip Anthony Mangan

Philip wanted to figure out "how to do life better", and he tells us how he went from a life of destructive behavior while running a party bus business to a fulfilled life where he now helps others with their own transformati...