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Himanish Goel

Himanish Goel not only provides career advice, but he helps people use spirituality and breathing techniques for their next big thing through believing in the universe. He guides them to understand the effects of positivity, how to use breathing exercises, and how to deepen their belief in the connectivity of the universe.

Healing & Wellness Southern Dialogue Guests

S4 E8: A Millennial View on Social Media's Influence & Living in the Present | A Southern Dialogue with Himanish Goel

Our favorite millennial guest, Himanish Goel, is back to chat about the influence (positive AND negative) of social media on today's generation. He also offers advice to not only young folk heading to college, but those who a...

Healing & Wellness Southern Dialogue Guests

S3 E29: A Millennial View on Positivity & Spirituality | A Southern Dialogue with Himanish Goel

It was such a pleasure to have a millennial view on positivity, spirituality, and chakras. We also chat a little about Hinduism, and Himanish shares with us some of the major deities in the Hindu religion. We discuss living a...