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Corinne Labita

Tarot Reader Extraordinaire

Tarot Card Reader Extraordinaire and Reiki Master Practitioner Corinne Labita likes it weird. When she’s not slinging cards, she’s researching metaphysics, listening to copious amounts of paranormal podcasts, and trying to find different ways to pickle vegetables. In her early 20s, Corinne gained an interest in Jungian psychology when working as an instructor in a therapeutic program for at-risk teenagers. There, she collaborated with therapists to implement different strategies that would help individuals interrupt thought/behavior patterns. Corinne has since taken that experience and used it to create different courses and offerings on a variety of topics. She has taught workshops on the joys of reading tarot, an introductory workshop about Shadow Work, and a shamanic journeying workshop designed to help individuals meet and work with their Shadows. Corinne is currently doing tarot readings for individuals, teaching tarot classes, and creating programs geared specifically for corporate offices to help companies meet the needs of their employees with a more holistic approach.

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S4 E7: Shadow Work & Witches - Emerging from the Darkness | A Southern Dialogue with Corinne Labita

What does tarot & divination have to do with shadow work? Turns out, a lot! Corinne and I talk about shadow work - what it is, our experiences using shadow work for personal healing, the "gold" in the shadow, and all those na...