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S4 E19: Concurrent Lives, Pain Lineages & the Akashic Records | A Southern Dialogue with Julia Wesley

Are past lives linear or concurrent?? Julia Wesley is here to tell us about her belief that "all time is now". We discuss: Concurrent lives as opposed to past lives What the akashic records are and how they are used Akasha, A...

Southern Dialogue Guests Personal Stories LGBTQ+ Life Purpose

S3 E21: From Healing Crisis to Life Purpose | A Southern Dialogue with Mike Iamele

We've got life purpose all wrong. Mike Iamele chats with us about his spiritual awakening during a harrowing healing crisis - which included falling in love with his male caretaker causing him to explore his own sexuality, al...

Healing & Wellness Southern Dialogue Guests Personal Stories Life Purpose

S3 E15: Slow Down & Tune-In to a Purposeful Life | A Southern Dialogue with Claudia-Sam Cataford Sauvé

What would life be like if we weren't living in survival mode? That's how our discussion today starts, and Claudia-Sam has so many great practical tips and insight about living a full life that stem from her own incredible pe...