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S4 E10: October Thirty-One & Celebrating the HoliDates with Children! | A Southern Dialogue with María Felicia Kelley

Author María Felicia Kelley introduces us to her children's book series, Celebrate the HoliDates, which were deeply inspired by her son Constantine. Constantine has trisomy 21, and the books were initially created as a tool t...

Southern Dialogue Guests Education & Learning

S3 E28: Meaningful, Purposeful & Relevant Education | A Southern Dialogue with Clare Ford

Expert Educator Clare Ford is back, and today's discussion revolves around children being MORE than their grades. As Clare tells us, we can't say grades don't matter because 80% of children are defining themselves by their gr...

Southern Dialogue Guests Education & Learning

S2 E5: Switched On! Learning | A Southern Dialogue with Clare Ford

Our guest for this episode of "Southern Dialogue" brings you Clare Ford, from Kent, UK, who has created an online curriculum for children, teens AND parents that target intellectual, emotional, AND spiritual needs. It's calle...