June 22, 2022

Star Trek: Voyager | Equinox, Parts 1&2

Star Trek: Voyager | Equinox, Parts 1&2

If you've been following along with us, then you'll know that Brent has labeled Season 5 of Voyager as the Season on Mental Health.  The season premiered with the episode Night, in which we saw Janeway battling depression as she dealt with her regret of having stranded the crew in the Delta Quadrant, wondering if she was right to do so, and to do so while upholding Star Fleet principles.  Well, in this episode, Janeway gets to see first hand the proverbial road-not-taken.  Will she realize she was right all along?  Will Matt agree that these episodes make the perfect bookends for a season?  Let's find out.

If you're watching with us, the next episode will be Charting the Course through Voyager Season 6.

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