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Great Show, Ready for More

This is such a great way to get through the Star Trek Franchise, pre-NuTrek. While I’m not sure of some of the choices of watch vs skip by Brent, he always gives his reasons why and at least he makes a good case. The best part of this podcast is Matt, the new guy. You can tell he’s falling in love with Star Trek and getting beamed up.

Brent is doing a fantastic job guiding Matt through this new world. Both are wonderful personalities and easy to listen to. Whether you are discovering along with Matt or a sage like Brent, there is something for you in this show. Highly recommended.

Listening to this podcast is like rewatching Star Trek with a whole new perspective. "Beam Me Up" is all about someone's first time with Star Trek and as a lifelong fan, Matt often brings up comments or questions I never even thought about, such as pondering why a transporter room exists if someone can just be beamed anywhere without one. If you love Star Trek and want to hear some deep dives into the technical aspects of the show and discussions about some of the best Trek episodes, then this podcast is definitely worth your time.

I'm an Original Series and Picard guy, so when they talk about those episodes, I'm really interested...even if they go longer than I like in a podcast. When it comes to the other series, I'm not as interested, so it feels too long. But if you like all the Treks, these podcasts are well worth your time.

Engaging and Fun

This is one of the most engaging and fun podcasts I’ve ever heard. Love it.

High quality, fun, and dynamic podcast for all

This podcast is a main contributor to my interest in Star Trek. I had mental blocks against the show for decades. (I planted my flag on the Star Wars hill. 💁🏻‍♀️) Eventually, I opened my mind a bit and was interested in seeking out shows and podcasts that lead to reflection on the philosophy of morality, and just the different philosophical complexities of life. I ended up listening to one of the early episodes of this podcast, which then prompted me to watch the corresponding TOS episode. I realized Trek is the epitome of what I was looking for and I was a silly goose for pushing back against it for so long. But, would I have gotten there without this podcast? Well, maybe, but it probably would have taken a lot longer. Thanks a ton to Brent and Matt for giving free hours (and hours and hours) of their lives to put out a quality product. The production and sound quality is exceptional! Their chemistry on the show is great. And it’s fun to have the dynamic of Matt who, like me, is previously unfamiliar with Trek versus Brent who has seen all the episodes and shows multiple times. Regardless of where you are in your own Trek journey, this is *the* Trek podcast for you! Highly recommend, 5 out of 5 stars.

Great Quality, Great Content

I haven't seen most of the episodes they cover, but they make me want to go and watch them so I can feel a part of the conversation. The audio quality of this show is great, and the hosts are entertaining. They go so in-depth as to why each episode is so meaningful to the franchise and make a great case as to why this is such a cultural phenomenon. It's fun to hear the opinions and observations of a first-time watcher, too! Overall, a great podcast for Trekkies as well as new fans who want to watch each episode and follow along.

Good Podcast and Better Hosts

This is a really good podcast, with a great concept behind it, especially for those of us who have trouble with the bad episodes. But what really makes this podcast stand out is the hosts. They have a great chemistry and bounce off of each other naturally, which makes this podcast not only informative, but fun to listen to.

Great show!

I started listening to this show because of the Tales from Godric’s Hollow podcast. I love the idea of this show because I’ve wanted to watch the Star Trek series for a while, but the hundreds of episodes is incredibly intimidating. I decided to join in with watching the episodes alongside you guys. I’m not hooked on the Star Trek yet, but I really enjoy your podcast and watching the episodes alongside y’all.


I normally dislike the original series, but these episodes have me finally understanding why people love it. I love the discovery of a new fan, and the discussion of a loving fan. I look forward to every episode, and I can't wait until they get into the other series. Well produced and easily consumable, I never find myself bored. Keep up the great work!