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May 16, 2022

Three Parts of YOU!

Three Parts of YOU!

The Three Parts That Make Me: Body, Soul, and Spirit

Let's celebrate this special full-blood moon eclipse. We must have health in all three parts that make us who we are. Without this balance, we can fall into ill health. We are feeding all this suitable material, whether food, wisdom, or doing the right thing is good. We will start with learning additional information to help us in our Art of Prosperity.

The body is the physical being of a person. Through the five senses of sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch, it is the material world.

The spirit is the spiritual being of us. It interacts with the creator and the spiritual realm through its own “senses,” things like faith, hope, and prayer.

The soul is the actions of a person. It is the animating principle of a person and is responsible for imagination, memory, reason, and emotions. As such, the soul serves as the command center for the person. Neither the body, soul, nor spirit can function independently; they each look to the other for direction and action.

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