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May 1, 2022

Sixth Key - Always Do the Right Thing

Sixth Key - Always Do the Right Thing

It’s another new moon, not just any new moon but the black new moon with a solar eclipse. This eclipse season offers us the opportunity to understand how we build value in our lives and what we can do to bring further stability, enjoyment, and pleasure into our experience

Welcome, my name is Ty.

For the next 28 days, we will practice our next key to unlock our blessings by always doing the right thing.

As we spoke of in the past sessions, it takes 21 days to form a habit good or bad. Then it is great practice to reflect for 7 days on our success.

If you are new, you can still join our journey and start with the first key of not complaining. Just look for the first episodes of this podcast!

There is no better way than to start today!

You can find this book Twenty Twenty-One Unlock your blessings along with the accompanying calendar on Amazon or Google.

We will share our progress along the way when practicing this key to unlocking our blessings. Thank you for joining and be sure to follow my podcast the art of prosperity and click the alert button for more.

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