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Aug. 29, 2022

Go Above and Beyond to Unlock Your Blessing

Go Above and Beyond to Unlock Your Blessing

It’s another new moon, not just any new moon but the new moon right after the last super moon of this year in August 2022.

New Moons teach us to define what is most important to us and how we want to spend our energy. Each new Moon allows us to lay out blueprints for our daily lives. They also remind us that we are in control of our destinies. We make the choices that affect our lives, and our fate is in no one else’s hands but our own.

This new Moon holds the space for us to bring form and detail to our visions. Allow this new Moon to empower you. Believe in your potential to design any life you desire. You hold all the power you need to manifest any vision. It’s up to you to decide how and when to use this power. It’s a time to ground your energy, become clear on your path ahead, and know that you have the resources within to build your dreams.

Welcome, my name is Ty.

For the next 28 days, we will practice our next key to unlock our blessings by going above and beyond.

As we spoke of in the past sessions, it takes 21 days to form a habit good or bad. Then it is a great practice to reflect for the following 7 days on our success.

If you are new, you can still join our journey and start with the first key of not complaining. Just look for the first episodes of this podcast!

There is no better way than to start today!

You can find this book Twenty Twenty-One Unlock your blessings along with the accompanying calendar on Amazon or Google.

We will share our progress along the way when practicing this key to unlocking our blessings. Thank you for joining and be sure to follow my podcast the art of prosperity and click the alert button for more.

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