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Oct. 8, 2020

Is This the Beginning of an Economic Collapse?

Is This the Beginning of an Economic Collapse?
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Jeffery “Don of Debt” Hartman is the #1 Industry Leader in the Debt Collections space, highly regarded for his transparency, influence, and unique ability to straddle the line between Lenders, Collection Agencies and his role as a Consumer Advocate.

With over 10B+ in transactions, Hartman is the GO-TO authority on all things ‘Collections’. As a regular Forbes contributor, his influence on the collections space is unrivaled.

As the President of Bloom ACQN, Hartman manages a portfolio of 2.5B+ of debt, provides unique financing solutions, and helps companies turn their “trash to treasure,” ensuring they get the maximum ROI and value for their distressed assets. To learn more about NOLA please visit www.omninola.com

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