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April 15, 2021

1 - Even in the nasty world of "collections" See how Marcelo Tabakman and his team give back!

1 - Even in the nasty world of
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Marcelo has been in collections for the last 19 years. He is currently working for Waypoint Resource Group as Director of Operations. However, he was with Convergent Outsourcing the last 7 years and Focus Receivables Management for 6 years and with Nationwide Credit for 5 years prior. Marcelo started as an agent on the phone back in 2001. He became Director of Operations in 2008. He has excelled In implementing offshore collections, developed and implemented email collection strategies, and created streamline processes to improve right party contacts working older debt. However, his success has come from understanding that people important. Training , developing and inventing into your teams is what is needed to become successful.

Marcelo's favorite sayings are:

“Proper planning and preparation equals success. “

“Rent is due daily” Marc Cuban


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