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Aug. 16, 2020

Collections During Covid with Chad Johnson

Collections During Covid with Chad Johnson

Chad Johnson, even though a professional and leader with over 31 years experience in the collections space was still affected by this new Covid Economy. Listen in and see how his diverse experience with technology, leadership and skills has helped him quickly move from an employee to a consultant during these crazy times. 

Continue to build upon your experience, knowledge and growth as "we" are the only capital we truly have!

To hire Chad reach out to him through his LI profile - www.linkedin.com/in/chad-johnson-sr/

Experienced Leader, with a demonstrated history for 31+ years, of working and achieving results in the banking/financial services industry. Skilled in 3rd Party Oversight, BPO Management, Collections, Recovery, Pre-default Servicing, Consumer & Commercial Lending, Consumer & Commercial Banking, Audit, Advanced Credit Analysis, Performance Analysis, Root-Cause Analysis, and Credit Card Collection Strategy.

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