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Dec. 12, 2020

All Storms End in Time, by Byron Martin

All Storms End in Time, by Byron Martin
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It was my honor to have on Byron Martin with Rauch-Milliken International, Inc. commercial collection agency. He has been in marketing most of his career and the debt industry the last 17 years. He brought to us a wealth of knowledge, great tips for companies to save themselves early on a headache from a company who chooses not to pay. It was a fun conversation and was looking forward to having Byron on. :-)

How has the industry changed and where is it going. 

Byron is the Vice President of Marketing and his experience is in debt recovery services, receivables management outsourcing, and consulting. Check this out and hit him up and tap into all that wisdom.

We also discussed technology solutions and if you are a consumer collection agency, debt buyer, lender, hospital then reach out to me and get signed up on an AI Negotiation Portal, created by RNN Group,  that helps companies collect 24/7 and mass reach the consumer they haven't been able to reach yet. To get signed up on our Thursday demo and better understand how technology can streamline your collections email Jacqueline H. Waller at jacquelinew@rnngroup.com. 

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