Feb. 17, 2023

83: More Clubhouse feature leaks and is Reddit sidelining social audio?

83: More Clubhouse feature leaks and is Reddit sidelining social audio?
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This week Madalyn and Suze were joined by regular All Things Audio contributor Morgan Evetts to chat through a list of Clubhouse feature leaks discovered by reverse engineer Alessandro Paluzzi. From the ability to invite mutual friends onto the app to the latest on monetisation, Clubhouse engineers are clearly working hard to introduce a variety of new features. Meanwhile, Reddit seems to be stepping back from its social audio efforts, with Reddit Talks creators speaking out over the lack of communication from the platform. As for Spaces, well this week's show started with some Twitter Spaces tech issues that left Suze talking to herself for a bit. The cause was revealed while All Things Audio was still live - listen to the end to find out more!

Links mentioned during the show...

Stations return to Twitter's Spaces tab... for some users

Ar voice notes coming to Twitter DMs? h/t @nima_owji

Discover shared contacts on Clubhouse h/t @alexa193a

Clubhouse works on ability to ban House members

Hiding the members list on Clubhouse

Clubhouse continue work on Payment Proposals

Social audio app Callin adds video streaming h/t@morqon

Reddit appears to be dsitancing itself from its social audio feature, Reddit Talks

What happens to Spaces when someone leans on the wrong button at Twitter?...

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