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Jan. 6, 2023

The Reconciler (2015) - RELIGIOUS REELS REVIEW

The Reconciler (2015) - RELIGIOUS REELS REVIEW

In this episode of our RELIGIOUS REELS REVIEW SERIES we take a look at the film The Reconciler (2015)

In what is called the "Christian version of Saw", An intriguing stranger tries to bring friends and family members who have been torn apart, together again. As he tries to get others to reconcile their differences, his motives still remain a mystery.

  • Erin T. Allen (Jeff)
  • Michaelle Blanchard (Sienna)
  • Frank Chiesurin (Bill)
  • Dan Davis (Eric)
  • Levi Davis (JR)
  • Scott Galbraith (Ed)
  • Hailey Hurley (Amanda)
  • Leo Lin (Chris)
  • Jennifer Loomis (Woman in Hallway)
  • Lindsay Lucas (Stacey)
  • Sherry Morris (Laurie)
  • Roddy Piper (Russ)
  • Bill Ritchie (Pastor Dan)
  • Robert Shepherd (Detective Tilton)
  • Sally Skelding (Emma Davis)
  • Jeremy Steel (Alex)
  • Jourdan Steel (James)

We watched it so you wouldn't have to.

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