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March 25, 2022

Space Cases (1996) PILOT ERROR TV REVIEW

Space Cases (1996)  PILOT ERROR TV REVIEW

In this episode we take a look at the pilot for Space Cases (1996)

In the un-aired pilot an alien salesman, Yee Haw Jones, boards the ship and almost steals both people and the ship away from the crew due to hubris on the part of Harland.

Walter Jones .... Harlan Band

Paul Boretski .... Commander Seth Goddard

Paige Christina .... Rosie Ianni

Cary Lawrence .... T.J. Davenport

Kristian Ayre .... Radu

Rahi Azizi .... Bova

Anik Matern .... Thelma

Jewel Staite .... Catalina

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