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March 4, 2022

Nobody's Watching (2006) PILOT ERROR TV REVIEW

Nobody's Watching (2006)  PILOT ERROR TV REVIEW

In this episode we take a look at the unsold pilot for Nobody's Watching

Two best friends challenge the WB to let them create a new sitcom - they're surprised when they're left to live on a sound stage and have their every move recorded while working on the project.

Taran Killam... Derrick

Paul Campbell ... Will

Lauren Bittner ... Jill Nolan

Mircea Monroe ... Mandy Campbell

Paul Adelstein ... Jeff Tucker

Bob Clendenin ... Roy Ingold

Alan Thicke ... Alan Thicke

James Michael Tyler ... James Michael Tyler

James Avery ... James Avery

Tom Bosley... Tom Bosley

Alexander Folk ... Gerald

Zach Braff ... Zach Braff

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