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May 20, 2022

Love, Inc (2005) - PILOT ERROR REVIEW

Love, Inc (2005) - PILOT ERROR REVIEW

In this episode we take a look at the pilot for the short-lived sitcom Love, Inc (2005)

Set in New York City, the dating agency Love, Inc. features a staff of single friends desperately looking for love. Newly divorced Clea Lavoy, the founder and owner of the company, seeks out the help of her friend and employee Denise Johnson to reignite her romantic life. She struggles continually to find love despite Denise's best attempts. The future of the agency is jeopardized since its success relied on advertising Clea's "successful", nearly decade-long marriage. Love, Inc. also includes the receptionist Viviana, the style expert Francine, and the technician and photographer Barry.

Busy Philipp....  Denise Johnson

Vince Vieluf ...  Barry

Reagan Gomez-Preston...  Francine

Ion Overman ...  Viviana

Holly Robinson Peete ...  Clea

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