Sept. 22, 2020

012 Jane Tierney: Chain Reactions

012 Jane Tierney: Chain Reactions

The Importance of Supply Chain Management

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Virtually every product or service travels through a supply chain that has a myriad of moving parts and plenty of expense and risk involved. I spoke with Jane Tierney, a consultant who helps companies save money, gain efficiencies, and mitigate risk. Our conversation touched on the key aspects of her universally applicable specialty. Here are some key takeaways that might be relevant to just about any business:

Transportation and logistics are an obvious aspect of physical supply chains, whether by air, rail, ship or through pipelines. Other operations that stand to benefit from tight supply chain management include purchasing, production, sales, and operations. 

Think also of the internet as a logistical vehicle for moving information from place to place, and exchanging money for all the goods and services that move that way:  music, apps, games …

… not to mention shopping. Tierney, an engineer by training who calls herself “a factory geek,” shares her insights and fascinations about the way Amazon warehouses work. 

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