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Air Candy

Air Candy

Air Candy is an opinion podcast where longtime friends Colleen and Seth explore a wide variety of interesting and relevant topics while exploiting the details of their daily lives and past adventures.

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Intermission Edition: D.U.M.B. Criminals

May 5, 2021

Welcome back to the Intermission Edition of Air Candy aka Season 1.5! Today we're talking about dum…

Intermission Edition: Cannabis

April 20, 2021

Hey, friends! Welcome to the first instalment of Air Candy season 1.5. aka The Intermission Edition…

Air Candy | Season 1.5 Trailer

April 14, 2021

*** STARTING TUESDAY APRIL 20TH *** We'll be serving up Air Candy Season 1.5: The Intermission Edit…

BONUS EPISODE - A Spinoff of Superfans, Stans & Groupies

April 8, 2021

An interview that was originally supposed to be included in our Superfans, Stans & Groupies episode…

Superfans, Stans & Groupies

March 25, 2021

This is the Air Candy season one finale! In this episode, we're talking about different levels of m…

Seth's Show About Dead Stuff: Cultural Death Rituals

March 11, 2021

Get ready, guys... Seth is in control of this episode! He wanted a turn at being the lead host of t…

Social Media: Highs, Lows, Yays & Woes

Feb. 25, 2021

This one's all about social media. We discuss--and debate--different aspects of the pros and cons t…