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Jan. 18, 2023

Optimize Your Healthspan™ with Dr. Steven Bennett

Optimize Your Healthspan™ with Dr. Steven Bennett

In this episode of AGELESS, Jayna is joined by an exciting and layered new guest.

Dr. Steven Bennett practices Functional Diagnostic Medicine. He started his professional career as a mechanical engineer, and segued into both the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in business development roles. Along the way, Dr. Bennett gathered substantial experience in analytical lab diagnostics, nutritional physiology, biochemistry, and cell biology. Dr Bennett began to practice in Solona Beach, CA with a focus on Functional Diagnostic Medicine and nutritional physiology. After a decade treating patient’s concerns ranging from digestive to neurochemical, endocrine to optimal aging, Dr Bennett decided to found his own nutraceutical company, Intuitive Nutrients. Dr. Bennett breaks down ways to optimize your healthspan™.

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