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March 2, 2023

AGELESS REWIND // Going Deep with Lindy Ehemann

AGELESS REWIND // Going Deep with Lindy Ehemann
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Highlighting this episode of AGELESS, with Lindy Ehemann.

She is a lifelong traveler who's had the fortune of being able to use travel as her means to understand herself and understand the world. In the last ten years Lindy has lived in 8 cities across 6 countries and traveled to more than 30, spending about a third of her adult life abroad in some way. Her travels were always deeply spiritual, even before she realized it, but in more recent years, she’s understood the spiritual components more, and has integrated those parts of herself more. Lindy is a lifelong artist (mostly photography and writing) who is entering a new phase of her life. She’s hoping to bring all of her passions together in the service of others. Her spiritual practice is hodgepodge, but involves travel, sacred plant medicine, meditation, and the fusion of mind, body, and spirit through what she consumes, from food, to books, to podcasts, to anything she takes in. Jayna and Lindy go deep into her spiritual journey and more.

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