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Adventures in The Spirit with Jared Laskey

Adventures in The Spirit with Jared Laskey is a deep dive into the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit. Signs, wonders, healings, miracles and prophetic ministry are shared in a Biblical and practical way, drawing you closer to Jesus. You will be encouraged and activated while you have your own adventures in God. Listen in with Jared Laskey of Fireborn Ministries and his friends from around the world.

Recent Episodes

Nathan Harkness: Spirit Led Discipleship (S4:E11)

March 27, 2023

Do you want to grow closer to Jesus and His wonderfuly Holy Spirit? Nathan Harkness talks about encountering Jesus and being led by the Spirit, growing in intimacy and discipleship. Also, check out Nathan's book, '.' Downloa…

Terrell Scott: Setting Captives and Communities Free (S4:E:10)

March 20, 2023

Terrell Scott is on a mission seeing captives and communities set free! He shares principles to deliverance and his story of being freed by Christ in prison. Terrell is now used by God in the same streets he terrorized befor…

Steve Foss: Looking Unto Jesus (S4:E9)

March 13, 2023

Do you want to encounter the risen Christ in all His glory? Steve Foss joins us to talk about his personal encounters with Jesus, the seven manifestations of the Holy Spirit, and his new book, "." Steve has traveled the worl…

Tony Myers: Raising the Dead (S4:E8)

March 6, 2023

Do you want to know how to raise the dead? Tony Myers shares his personal accounts in seeing God raise the dead through him. We share principles you can apply to walk in the peace and power of the Holy Spirit, seeing God do …

Miracles and Hope for Ukraine with Kyle Duncan

Feb. 24, 2023

God is doing miracles and bringing hope to Ukraine. February 24th last year Russia invaded Ukraine. Kyle Duncan has a conversation with Jared sharing his personal connection to Ukraine, and stories he compiled while spending…

Greg Locke: Come Out in Jesus Name (S4:E6)

Feb. 16, 2023

Greg Locke is being used by God in mass deliverance! People are being set free from demonic spirits. We discuss how he became a social media firebrand and called into exorcising spirits. His movie, 'Come Out in Jesus Name' i…