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July 6, 2020

9. Unlearning The Way We Work with Deborah Hightower

9. Unlearning The Way We Work with Deborah Hightower

Interview with Deborah Hightower, Leadership Expert, Author, and Executive Coach.
In the midst of a pandemic and volatile race relations, many companies and leaders are reevaluating how we work and engage with teams for them to feel physically, mentally, and emotionally safe. This season requires us to "unlearn" what normal was and create a new environment of empathy and understanding while still producing. 

Deborah represents a multi-faceted combination of success. Ranging from the financial arena in corporate America to writing and speaking, her approach is designed to prompt a rethink of thinking. She is a member of the Forbes Coaches Council, among many notable accomplishments.

Tune in as Deborah helps us in "Unlearning How We Work" so we can corporately come together in a new way.

Learn more about Deborah at www.deborahhightower.com. 

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