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Rich Palmer is a veteran podcaster. He produced his first show in early 2005 at the time when podcasting was still a mystery to most. His longest running show was Audio Gumshoe — which ran from 2005 to 2019. He has worked in the background editing and producing podcasts for other creators for many years, as well. Rich began a career in broadcasting in the 1980s; podcasting is an extension of this craft for him.

Why this show?

Rich feels that independent musicians still struggle to get their music heard. Though the opportunities to produce new music are easier than ever before, these creatives are typically lost in the shuffle on the many streaming platforms. Just as local radio stations provided outlets for independent musicians in the 50s and 60s, podcasters help them share their music with new fans.

Do your part to share the music!

When you hear a song or artist that you like, be sure to spread the word! Tell others about them. Be sure to tag the musicians/bands (links in all show notes) on your favorite social media platforms to let them know you listed. We can all work together to build new fans for these talented artists!

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