March 1, 2023

#136 | Billy "Country Breakfast" Butler | Former MLB Star | Zack Greinke Stories Galore, No One Gives A Sh*t About Your Boat, "The Grass Isn't Always Greener"

#136 | Billy

  • Any regrets in your career?
  • Will he be at Royals Fantasy Camp in November?
  • Danny Valencia altercation - have Billy set up the scenario and tell story
  • 2006 AA Team - Frank White Manager, Gordo, Billy, Mitch Maier, Chris Lubanski, even Mike Sweeney for a few games
  • Country Breakfast - How’d that come about? Best nickname in history of sports.
  • Catcher, Chris Gimenez & Pitcher, Tomlin - Framing pitches and took him YARD!
  • 2012 Home Run Derby - Booing Cano, HR Derby, 
  • Stolen base in the playoffs - His decision or did he get a sign?
  • Experience with teams outside of KC (Oakland and NY, two storied franchises)
  • Favorite or best teammates
  • Any teammates that he was not a fan of?
  • FUN FACT: 340th highest batting average in history (minimum of 1000 plate appearances, just ahead of HAL MCRAE
  • Zack Greinke stories?
  • How important is it for teammates/co-workers to get along with one another and have mutual respect? 
  • Best examples from this in MLB clubhouses?
  • Any examples of teammates NOT being inclusive or respectful?
  • Leaving KC - Can you talk through that time period when you left KC and went to Oakland? What events transpired to essentially make you leave KC?

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