Feb. 8, 2023

#133 | Rex Hudler, Former MLB player and TV broadcaster for the Kansas City Royals | Motivational Speaker | Down Syndrome Advocate

#133 | Rex Hudler, Former MLB player and TV broadcaster for the Kansas City Royals | Motivational Speaker | Down Syndrome Advocate

DISCLAIMER: We had some technical issues with our new microphones on this episode so the audio is a little scratchy.  Thank you for your grace and forgiveness on the audio quality of this episode.  Please don't allow that to distract you from all of the good that Hud offered up.  Always be cool!

  • Rex and wife, Jennifer have four children — Alyssa, Cade, William and David.
  • Challenges of moving to TV? - Preparation to make a move to TV? Speech? Used to being on TV, up close and personal?
  • Played every position but Pitcher and Catcher
  • Football at Notre Dame?
  • Motivational Speaking: How and Why? What overarching message does Rex Hudler convey when speaking?
  • Brain aneurysm in 2001? - Adversity of coming back from health scare
  • Along with WIFE, Jennifer: Team Up for Down Syndrome
    • “Cade was a gift with a special purpose in life.” - Hudlers founded Team Up For Down Syndrome to help support the Down syndrome community and those with special needs
  • Reasons for Optimism of Young Royals? - Bobby Witt Jr, Pasquantino, 
  • Nolan Ryan stories?
  • MLB Rules Changes: Pitch timer, shift restrictions, bigger bases
  • Are You A Baseball Guy? - Children’s book with Physioc
  • Power of Positivity - One of most positive guys not only in baseball, but in LIFE. How and Why did you adopt that attitude?
    • Always that way -OR- events in life gave another level of gratitude and humility?
  • Hud-isms: 
    • Be a fountain, not a drain
    • Everything went well but the loss.
    • Rex: It's a beautiful planet.
      • Ryan: Well, it's a moon…
      • Rex: Looks like a planet to me.
    • Let me show you in fast motion -- if you can watch my hands. They used to call me the Thief of Baghdad.\
    • I've sampled several types of insects. Moths are a little dusty.
    • It's bad to get hit on your chin. Because it's attached to your head.

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