Feb. 1, 2023

#132 | The "Godfather of Mortgage Brokers" CEO of Homepoint Financial, Willie Newman

#132 | The

Willie Newman, CEO of Homepoint Financial | Wednesday January 25, 2022


  • Founder, President and CEO of Homepoint, one of the nation’s largest wholesale mortgage lenders. 
  • An acknowledged expert and innovator in the mortgage industry with over 30 years of experience in the field, including three start-ups, Newman is widely recognized within the industry as the “Godfather of Wholesale”. 
  • Under his leadership, Homepoint rapidly scaled to become the third-largest wholesale lender in the country, as well as a Top-10 non-bank loan originator.
  • Recently, Newman has taken a lead role in advocating on behalf of the mortgage broker community, including utilizing HMDA data to promote the “Broker Advantage.”
  • Newman holds a BBA in Finance from the University of Michigan and an MBA, Finance and Business Economics from Wayne State University.

Topics of conversation in this episode

  • If you're a loan officer, you really need to think about where you should be in order to best support your clients, referral partners, and your career as a lender. Why is NOW the best time to be a mortgage BROKER?
  • Brokers actually invest in their communities. How can we relay that message more clearly to retail loan officers who think they are serving their customers best by being with a correspondent or a bank or credit union?
  • I’ve heard Mat Ishbia say that when Home point jumped 100% over to wholesale, it validated what UWM has been doing to architect the way of the Broker landscape.
  • “Displacement equals opportunity” - Expand on that and offer some insight to mortgage pros right now who are feeling “displaced” and why that can be  agood thing
  • Relationship with Matt Ishbia UWM - Two-headed monster. Did you guys come together to gameplan how to foster such a great environment for mortgage brokers?
  • “Godfather of mortgage brokers"

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