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A Story Of Sorts

A Story Of Sorts

Portuguese living in The Netherlands.
Reading books. Selling books. Writing about books for Book Riot since 2017, and now talking about books on a podcast so that my friends can have a break for once.

Recent Episodes

A Story Of Sorts S3 E11 Where Are We Tomorrow with Tavi Taylor Black

Nov. 29, 2022

I chat with Tavi Taylor Black about her book Where Are We Tomorrow, about life as a tour manager, and about the anti-domestic violence organisation The Dove. Find Tavi and her podcast The Personal Element here: https://www.t…

A Story Of Sorts S3 E10 Book Bans with Aurora Domigues

Sept. 5, 2022

I chat with Aurora Domingues about her career as a journalist and as a teacher, about mental health, about book bans, and about the importance of reading for youth. Find Aurora here: auroradominguez.com * Books recommended b…

A Story Of Sorts S3 E09 Libro.fm with Nick Johnson

Aug. 9, 2022

I chat with Nick Johnson about the genesis, present, and future of Libro.fm. Find Libro.fm here: https://libro.fm/ * Books recommended by Nick: Blacktop Wasteland by S. A Cosby Let My People Go Surfing by Yvon Chouinard Wher…

A Story Of Sorts S3 E08 Yonder with Jabari Asim

July 12, 2022

I chat with Jabari Asim about his writing career, his experience as a teacher, and his most recent novel, Yonder. Find Jabari here: jabariasim.org * Books recommended by Jabari: The Souls Of Black Folk by W. E. B. Dubois Ins…

S3 Footnotes #6 May Reads

June 28, 2022

Reviews and considerations about the books I've read in May. * Follow all podcast updates on my Instagram account @astoryofsorts . All social media accounts on linktr.ee/carinapereira Specific podcast links on linktr.ee/asto…

A Story Of Sorts S3 E07 A Curse Of Roses with Diana Pinguicha

June 14, 2022

I chat with Diana Pinguicha about her sapphic novel, A Curse Of Roses, about Portuguese legends and mythology, and about the reading market. Find Diana here: pinguicha.wordpress.com * Book recommended by Diana: A Hundred Yea…