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May 3, 2021

Karen Gray - Confidence, Mindset & Transparency Coach

Karen Gray - Confidence, Mindset & Transparency Coach

Ep. 528 - Karen Gray - Confidence, Mindset & Transparency Coach - Karen from Taxes, speaks about burnout and how to deal with burnout.

Karen's Bio: "As a Writer, Life Coach, International Speaker, Non-Profit Volunteer Leader, Former Non-Profit Manager and Financial Advisor, Karen Gray empowers women all over the world to reclaim their confidence and find their voice to pursue their calling and create their best lives. Karen empowers and equips women to dig deep, face their fears, change their mindset and remove limiting beliefs by providing them realistic steps that can be put into action immediately to change their life, future and their legacy. Offering practical, real life strategies and techniques, Karen addresses issues of insecurity, self-awareness, mindset, leadership, control and the balance of boundaries with humility, humor and grace."

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