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Noize PolluZion

Noize PolluZion

By DJ GemJam (Jasmine Castillo)

As a BIPOC woman, I am targeting BIPOC and AAPI community of listeners. I am promoting your services and increasing your customer base. As well as educate others that we are all human with drive and success. I want to encourage that we all can make a difference for our next generation.

I had been a DJ for Carroll University WCCX in 2010-2011, volunteered 2 hours of variety in my music and themes each week. My goal on my radio hours were to talk about balance of life; from eating, to spiritual maintenance, family and environment. I also had themes based on international holidays and play music from that country to honor and respect each and create culture diversity amongst my listeners.

Recent Episodes

054| Emma Krebs of "The Curious Ones" Podcast, on Minimalism, Life Journey & Explorations Beyond our Comfort Zone

May 13, 2022

Emma Krebs, Podcaster of 'The Curious One' chats about how the tool of minimalism has allowed her to pursue her dreams, healing through curiosity, mindset/manifestation, the journey of podcasting, , created and the community…

053| Jonathan Goehring of Jon Goehring Voiceovers, on Social Media Management & Voice Over Entrepreneurship

May 6, 2022

Jonathan Goehring provides a distinct perspective and is an engaging guest! Jon discusses our world in which we don't know who to trust. He studies media management at Syracuse University, and is interested in the concepts o…

052| Holly Lasky, Discovering the power of the Unconscious (Breaking Addictions, Compulsion, & Trauma)

April 29, 2022

Holly is an artist, professional musician, entrepreneur and now a Master Coach, she has discovered a deeper level of what has always been passionate about which is to connect, influence and support people in a profound way. …

051| Anne Sydor on Market Research, Trends, & The Importance of Prioritizing

April 22, 2022

Anne Sydor is a small business owner helping solopreneurs and their target audience, consumer insights, and other industry trends through market research so that business decision-making can be easy for them. Her goal is to …

050| Harriet West-Moore of Moore Hair Products Galore, on Black-American Influence, Empowerment, & Natural Hair Care

April 15, 2022

Harriet West-Moore and I speak on music genres influenced by early Black-American artists., Women empowerment, relationships, and natural hair care.

049 | Leticia Francis of BlaqueRose Coaching on Limiting Beliefs and Overcoming Fear

April 8, 2022

Leticia Francis is a strong black woman, currently living in the UK. A Life Coach with many certifications (ie. REBT Mindset, Cognitive Behavioral, Confidence, and Entrepreneurial)