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Bondcast...James Bondcast! - Octopussy

Oct. 24, 2018

Happy Octopussytober to all! This month's episode finds the Bond Boyz deeply analyzing the ridiculous antics of 1983's Octopussy. Roger Moore is at it again, this time in full clown makeup! Take a listen...if you dare!      …

Bondcast...James Bondcast! - Mini Episode #2: Happy Birthday Bondcast!

Oct. 11, 2018

Come hang with the boyz as they celebrate one year of podcasting! Listen as they compile their favorite Bond films thus far!           Join our patreon for only $1 a month: www.patreon.com/L2W

Bondcast...James Bondcast! - For Your Eyes Only

Sept. 24, 2018

Roger Moore as James Bond 007 is back yet again for the fifth time! Tune in to hear the Bond Boyz break down the highs and lows of 1981's "For Your Eyes Only", a bit of a return to form for the series...or is it? Mountain cl…

Bondcast...James Bondcast! - Moonraker

Aug. 8, 2018

This time around the Bond Boyz discuss what is either the best 007 film or the worst 007 film ever made: 1979's Moonraker, once again starring Sir Roger Moore! Check out our first fan caller on this month's episode too!     …

Bondcast...James Bondcast! - Mini Episode #1: The Music of Bondcast...James Bondcast! Featuring C.ROCC

July 17, 2018

In their first "mini" episode, the Bond Boyz focus on the original beats that open each episode. Created by producer/engineer, C.ROCC, each song is uniquely crafted to highlight the Bond theme for that particular episode's m…

Bondcast...James Bondcast! - The Spy Who Loved Me

July 10, 2018

1977's "The Spy Who Loved Me" is the focus of this month's episode! Listen as the bond boyz break down this Roger Moore classic. Villains, girls, henchmen, ludicrous plotting, jet ski's, nudity, and possibly the best bond so…

Bondcast...James Bondcast! - The Man With The Golden Gun

June 26, 2018

In this episode, the boys dive head first into 1974's "The Man with the Golden Gun", the second outing for Roger Moore as 007. This time Bond faces off against his greatest foe to date, the diabolical Scaramanga!         Joi…

Bondcast...James Bondcast! - Live and Let Die

May 22, 2018

1973's "Live and Let Die" is the subject of this 8th episode of Bondcast...James Bondcast! This time around, the boys discuss the ups and downs of Roger Moore's first outing as 007.            Join our patreon for only $1 a …

Bondcast...James Bondcast! - Diamonds Are Forever

April 27, 2018

In this month's episode, "Diamonds Are Forever", the bond boyz discuss Sean Connery's final (official) outing as 007. How does it measure up when compared to the previous Connery Bond films?            Join our patreon for o…

Bondcast...James Bondcast! - On Her Majesty's Secret Service

April 9, 2018

In this month's episode, the Bond Boys dissect "On Her Majesty's Secret Service", the first Connery-less 007 film. Find out if the gang prefers George Lazenby over Sean Connery, c'mon, you know you want to.           Join ou…

Bondcast...James Bondcast! You Only Live Twice

Feb. 27, 2018

The Bond Boys are back, this time they drone on and on about "You Only Live Twice", Sean Connery's final time playing 007...or is it?           Join our patreon for only $1 a month: www.patreon.com/L2W

Bondcast...James Bondcast! - Thunderball

Jan. 3, 2018

The boys discuss the jetpacks, scuba gear and slow, slow underwater fighting of 1965's "Thunderball"!           Join our patreon for only $1 a month: www.patreon.com/L2W

Bondcast...James Bondcast! - Goldfinger

Nov. 20, 2017

The gang drunkenly delves deep into another 007 classic, 1963's Sean Connery romp, Goldfinger. This will be the last time that we drink several martini's while recording. Listen to find out why!         Join our patreon for …

Bondcast...James Bondcast! - From Russia with Love

Nov. 9, 2017

The boys break down the highs and lows of 1963's "From Russia with Love", the 2nd outing for 007 James Bond.         Join our Patreon for only $1 a month! www.patreon.com/L2W

Bondcast...James Bondcast! - Dr. No

Oct. 12, 2017

On the first episode of "Bondcast, James Bondcast," Matt, Colin and Harris discuss the very first entry in the 007 franchise: 1962's "Dr. No."         Join our Patreon for only $1 a month! www.patreon.com/L2W