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We're back and we're talking the Order of the Phoenix, baby! Harry's growing up before our eyes! No more John Denver haircuts in this one, which is a major PLUS. And this time around we get probably the best villain of the entire series with Dolores...

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On today's show we discuss the classic children's fantasy film, Harry Potter and the Triwizard Tournament...c'mon you know that's a better title, am I right??

Harry and the gang meet Robert Pattinson and it gets WILD!

Joining us for this episode...

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Third times a charm! Get it? Charm....magic? Whatever, it's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, people!!

This one's got it all, a new director, a cooler/darker tone, new outfits, time travel, c'mon, TIME TRAVEL! It's such a cool plot device...

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Wingardium LevioSAH! We're back and the topic of today's show is that mutha flippin' chamber of secrets, BOIIII!! Dumbledore's secrets? Perhaps... tune in to find out!

Joining us to discuss the second Harry Potter film is none other than friend of...

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And just like that....ABRA CADABRA, Y'ALL! It's time for a new franchiiiiiise!

HARRY POTTER is the topic for the next few weeks as we dive deep into the magic and the lore of one of the most successful film franchises of all time. It's got kids,...

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Come and find out how these movies weigh in! We rank all 6 Rocky movies right here! Which one will come out on top and which is the ultimate stinker?

After we say a fond farewell to Rocky Balboa, let's give a hearty hello to Harry Potter! Shows and...

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This is the final round, baby!

Sixteen years after Rocky V comes this final* movie of the original Rocky film series. Does the series go out on a high note or is it a TKO? You've come this far, might as well listen to find out for yourself!...

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Rocky's back and he's dumber than ever! Proving that money makes you smarter, Rocky Balboa goes back to basics in this classically forgettable sequel. So many odd choices.. How old is Rocky Jr.? Why is there no real boxing match in this...

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If we ever needed someone to stop Russia again...NOW IS THE TIME.

Rocky Balboa returns once again to battle his greatest foe yet: THE SOVIET UNION.

Statistically, this movie is 33% montage, which is a tactic that most movies should employ....

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March 1, 2022

Rocky III (w/ Sean Addo)

I pity the fool who doesn't like Rocky 3!

That's right, this is the one where Rocky fights Mr. T, aka CLUBBER LANG, which could possibly be the best character name in a franchise that is full of awesome character names. So far we have Rocky Balboa,...

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