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Oct. 11, 2021

No Time To Die: 007

Welcome to the return of BONDCAST...JAMES BONDCAST!

That's right, License to Watch is going back to its roots to honor the last Daniel Craig era James Bond film, No Time To Die!

Our initial goal as a podcast was to cover all of the James Bond films...

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It's a good podcast.....mostly....

It's our friggin ALIENS episode, y'all! Let's face it, this movie rules and we've got a lot to say about it. Let's just say this is one of our longest episodes ever...because IT IS our longest episode ever! And...

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Sept. 13, 2021

Alien (w/ Alex Parslow)

Welcome to the beginning of our coverage of the ALIEN film franchise! This is Ridley Scott's 1979 classic, Alien, the one that started it all! This might possibly be our first contender for the GOAT movie franchise. This movie spawned so much: a...

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Well, looks like we chomped out another one...

Hear how the Jaws franchise ranks amongst the other franchises right here!

Thank you to our guests for this series: Carl Tart, Jordan Ledy, Anna Elizabeth James, and Kyle Quigley!

We've had it up...

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Shark week (see: month) is finally coming to a close! And that means we're on our last Jaws movie, Jaws: The Revenge!

So let's give it a fond farewell and adieu (to you fair Spanish ladies!) Much like this movie does constantly, that was a...

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Welcome to the 3rd dimension! This, of course, is our episode on Jaws 3-D! A movie that started the careers of Dennis Quaid and Leah Thompson, but also ended the careers of just about everyone else involved.

Joining us for this episode is writer...

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Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

We're back and we're breaking down the first of three sequels to Jaws: JAWS 2! No clever subtitle in sight, just a number....a single number signifying that this is the second movie in a...

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July 19, 2021

Jaws (w/ Carl Tart)

Happy Shark Week, everyone!

We're back with another deep dive into a classic movie franchise: JAWS! That's right, four, count 'em, FOUR movies for us to unPACK! It's exciting stuff, people, it really is.

First up is the Steven Spielberg classic...

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The movies may be over, but his LEGEND will live on in our hearts forever...

This is the end of our TRILOGY of TWO-FER's series. Next time, we'll be back with a movie series that has more than only 2 movies...


That's right, folks, we're taking a DIVE into our SUMMER SERIES! These movies are THE BEST. Four totally different and totally insane movies ranging from absolute unit's to absolute pieces of shark shit. GET READY, that's all I have to say.

Here's our official schedule of episodes:

7/19/21 - Jaws
8/02/21 - Jaws 2
8/16/21 - Jaws 3-D
8/30/21 - Jaws: The Revenge

Thanks to all of our guests for this series: Tim Kozlenko and Kristian Odland! Check them out on social media!

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We came. We watched. We CONQUERED! Conan, we hardly knew ye!

Listen in as we close out this illustrious franchise by breaking down it's first and only sequel: Conan the Destroyer!

Joining us for this episode is returning guest and friend of the pod, Kristian Odland!

Here is the official description of this classic film:

"Conan is back, and he's clearly taken acting lessons since his last adventure. This time he is teamed up with Bob the Goon from Batman, Mayday from View to a Kill, Garth's female counterpart from Wayne's World 2, Wilt Chamberlain, and a narrating wizard...what could go wrong?"

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