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Oct. 29, 2021

S 1 E 10 Guest: author Carly Heath

S 1 E 10 Guest: author Carly Heath

S 1 E1 0 Guest: author Carly Heath

On this episode of 1 on 1 with Bill Alexander, Bill talks to author Carly Heath about her new book The Reckless Kind. Carly Heath earned her BA from San Francisco State University and her MFA from Chapman University.  In Carly Heath’s debut YA novel, set on a small Norwegian island in 1904, a trio of young people reject their community’s traditional values and strive to live together. Asta Hedstrom, who is deaf in one ear, must either marry or face a future as an impoverished spinster. She has resigned herself to marrying Nils Tennfjord, a boy she does not love. Her friend Gunnar Fuglestad has just survived a horrific accident that killed his mother, concussed his brother, and required that Gunnar’s arm be amputated. His family’s farm will also soon be lost because of unpaid taxes. Meanwhile, Gunnar’s boyfriend, Erlend Fournier, has been kicked out of his wealthy home for refusing to abandon Gunnar.


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