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4 Things For Your Podcast

4 Things For Your Podcast

Calling all podcasters (& aspiring podcasters too)! After over a decade in Nashville managing the careers of celebrity musicians, your host Angie Griffith now has a mission of helping YOU to dream bigger, think outside of the box, and create a THRIVING business with your podcast at the center of it all. Tune in each Monday for a mix of solo episodes, guest interviews, and even recommendations for other podcasts that can help you along on your creator journey - and walk away with 4 things to keep you inspired and moving forward as a podcaster. Be SURE to follow 4 Things For Your Podcast on your favorite podcast app, so that you don't miss an episode... because it's about time your voice goes viral! Connect further: https://beacons.ai/theactualangie

Recent Episodes

74. The BIG Problem with Your Podcast Guesting Strategy (& Your Simple 5-Step Solution) | with Kelly Mosser (Host, The Aligned Success Show)

Nov. 28, 2022

Think about this: the attention span of an Instagram user is about 2.7 seconds... but 80% of podcast listeners will finish an ENTIRE podcast episode once they hit play! That means that when you guest on a podcast that speaks…

73. How to Flip Your Trash Money Mindset (to Manifest BIG $$$!) | with Leah Pardee (Host, Bare Naked Soul)

Nov. 21, 2022

As podcasters, we’re constantly being told NOT to get into this business with a goal of making money, but I’m here to call BS. I firmly believe that with a thoughtful and consistent strategy and the right mindset, your podca…

72. EVERYTHING You Need to Know About Podfest | Chris Krimitsos (Founder, Podfest)

Nov. 14, 2022

The BEST investment I have made in my podcasting business is attending conferences, because when it comes to this industry, relationships are everything. If you've been considering attending the annual Podfest conference (ha…

71. How to Record with Allergies (& More Vocal Tips) with Kendra Chantelle | American Idol (S10) and Vocal Coach

Nov. 7, 2022

Allergies got you congested? You CAN still record that podcast episode and stay on schedule! Last week, you heard an episode I recorded in the height of my allergy symptoms, sounding like absolute GARBAGE lol. After recordin…

70. Will Your Reality TV Audience Listen to Your Podcast? | with Avery Warner (Host, Chiller Queen Podcast)

Oct. 31, 2022

It's spooky szn... HAPPY HALLOWEEN! No tricks today, but you are in for a special TREAT! Ever feel like if only you could get HUGE exposure, THEN your podcast will finally take off?! (Guilty!!) While that can certainly be th…

69. How to Find a Missing Person with James Baysinger | Host, Hide and Seek (True Crime!)

Oct. 24, 2022

Curious to know what goes into creating a top true crime investigative series? Tune in to hear all about how James Baysinger has surpassed 1M downloads per season with his Hide and Seek podcast, including what he's learned a…