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4 Things For Your Podcast

4 Things For Your Podcast

Welcome to 4 Things For Your Podcast, a place where our collective mission is to amplify our messages through podcasting. After a decade in the music business, host Angie Griffith has come to realize that the unique mindset and strategies that globally-recognized entertainers are using to achieve their wildest dreams can and should be implemented by entrepreneurs and content creators across the board. Tune in to think bigger and outside of the box, because it’s about time your voice goes viral.

Recent Episodes

58. How to Make $$$ with a Tiny Audience | Ina Coveney (Host, The Global Phenomenon)

Aug. 15, 2022

$100k before 1,000 followers!? As much as we as podcasters want to share our message and make an impact, we also want a return on our time and financial investment, amirite!? Many of us are coming into podcasting without a b…

57. How to Activate Your Purpose with Julie Solomon | Host, The Influencer Podcast (+Exciting News!)

Aug. 8, 2022

I spent my whole childhood jumping from sport to sport… and then as an adult, from business venture to business venture (can you relate?)... I’ve always wondered how it is that people can stick with a single passion for year…

56. Give Up Good to Go for Great with Kacia Ghetmiri | Host, EmpowerHER

Aug. 1, 2022

What I've learned through getting to know more about Kacia is that our stories are SO similar! Not only do we both share a passion for a good spicy marg, but my mission with this podcast is to allow you to follow along on MY…

55. 12 Steps for Crafting a Powerful Press Campaign with Jackie Marushka (Celebrity Publicist)

July 25, 2022

Jackie's email to me prior to recording: "It is literally a trade secret that I would never share, but the heck with it... if you like the idea once you hear it, I’d love to do this topic with you. It's very 'plan the work, …

54. The Real BTS 2 Years In with Jenna Duddleston | Host, Bar Talk with Jenna

July 18, 2022

Network deals, download numbers, angel numbers… oh my! We cover it all in this one… buckle in! Jenna Duddleston learned about life in an interesting and unusual place, being raised in her family’s bar in Chicago. She realize…

53. Will You Keep Going or Walk Away From Your Dream? | with Jenn Fielder of SmithField (Recording Artist)

July 11, 2022

They say Nashville is a 10-year town... but is it? Jenn and her bandmate Trey (together known as the musical duo SmithField) had to make some tough decisions as the entire music industry began completely shutting down during…