April 28, 2021

Episode #9: How to Lead - Part 4

Episode #9: How to Lead - Part 4

Every effective leader knows that to cultivate the greatest level of success for your organization and teams, you must develop and grow a very specific, yet often un-thought of set of skills. In Part 4 of How to Lead, Jo Owen highlights essential reading, writing, speaking, listening, and critical thinking skills that leaders can adopt to ensure they are meeting the needs of all their stakeholders.

Join Georgina as she synthesizes the insight of real-life leaders who are aiming to make a difference in their communities and organization. If you are looking for pragmatic steps to stretch yourself as a leader, you will enjoy this episode!

The Part 4 Slow Chat Slide Deck will be available to view on our website. Take a look and connect via Twitter with all the inspiring voices you heard on this episode!

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