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The Very Unsportsmanlike Podcast

The Very Unsportsmanlike Podcast

Me and my callers take sports topics to a place rarely seen or heard. We discuss not only the X's and the O's, but we also discuss how sports is just a microcosm of society. The politics and business surrounding sports are just as interesting as the game itself. Just like a zone coverage defense, we cover all aspects of mainly the NFL and Boxing, but also NBA, NCAA, and more! Support this podcast:


Was Stephen A. Smith Wrong?

July 14, 2021

Buck, M&M and I chat about the statements Stephen A. Smith made about Angels pitcher, Shohei Ohtani. He made an insensitive statement about the language barrier for the all-star and people are up in arms about it. We'll also debate if the new NFL sack records prior to 1982 should be recognized or …

The NBA Finals and Rachel Nichols v. Maria Taylor

July 7, 2021

Buck, Ray and I discuss the NBA Finals and who we think will win, the Rachel Nichols scandal, loyalty to teams and more. Will you watch the the NBA Finals despite it missing the usual suspects in LeBron, KD or Steph? Is Rachel Nichols wrong for what she said about Maria Taylor and is Taylor a $5 mi…

2021 NFL Draft Review

May 4, 2021

Buck, Ray, M&M and I discuss what went down in this year's NFL Draft. I don't think that anyone had what I would consider an awful draft, but some teams did stand out more than others. We break down our favorite teams and how they fared as well as hit highlights from other teams. These things and …

NFL Sports News

NFL Free Agency and Arguments

March 26, 2021

Buck, Ray, and I discuss what's happening with free agency with a few select NFL teams.  We talk signings and what teams still need to address in order to be Super Bowl contenders in 2021-22.

Wentz Gets Traded & Primetime Gets Robbed

Feb. 23, 2021

Buck, Ray, and I discuss the Carson Wentz trade to Indy. Who are the winners and who are the losers in that deal? We also talk about Deion Sanders coaching debut at Jackson State University. Although he won 53-0, the headlines were about his locker getting robbed during the game. These things an…

NFL HOF 2021

Feb. 9, 2021

Buck, M&M, Ray, and I debate the NFL Hall of Fame. Not the current class, but classes of the past. Ray takes issue with some of the people who were inducted back in the day. He considers so many of them as "bums" including Joe Namath and Terry Bradshaw. We have a heated discussion about what the…