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May 17, 2021

Introducing 15 Minute Fintechs

Introducing 15 Minute Fintechs

Welcome to 15 Minute Fintechs, an official StreetFins™ podcast! This is a student-run podcast hosted by Eyoel Kassa-Darge, a college student at the University of Warwick, that focuses on breaking down what fintech companies offer to students and young people everywhere! 

It's no secret that the entire financial industry is being changed by some incredibly cool fintech startups. However, in the past couple of years, many new fintech startups have begun targeting younger people, like students and other members of Gen Z. Given how many fintech companies currently exist out there and how many will be started, learning about what specific fintech startups offer can be confusing and challenging. 

Our goal for 15 Minute Fintechs is to talk to fintech entrepreneurs, experts, and leaders and break down what various fintech companies offer, all in about 15 minutes or less in each episode. We will talk about the backgrounds behind these fintechs, their pros and cons, what young people should focus on, and much more!

Fintech has and will be changing the game for as long as finance exists. We hope to help you, as young people, navigate what all changes could happen as a result of these fintechs. Ultimately, we want this podcast to help you develop a better understanding of the fintech world so you can apply that knowledge in your own lives.

We hope you will tune into all our future episodes! Follow us wherever you get your podcasts, and drop a 5-star rating for the podcast on Apple Podcasts if you learn something new!

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